Coke Zero, a popular zero-calorie beverage, has taken the nation by storm. Over the last couple of months, their TV commercial featuring Tiger Shroff has been immensely successful, and their popularity has skyrocketed. 

Their newest ad features Tiger Shroff being lost in his own world, spell-bound by Coke Zero’s “best taste ever” – but staying completely silent through it all. One question raced through everyone’s minds: What was he thinking?

In order to answer that question and magnify their audience engagement, Coke Zero launched a fun, vibrant, hilarious social media campaign on Instagram.

The twist? They’ve decided to add influencers to the mix.

As Tiger Shroff blissfully and quietly enjoyed his Coke Zero, several influencers used their wit, charm and flair to playfully reimagine what was going on in his head at the time, giving a voice to his thoughts in their own unique ways. These influencers include some of the top names in the industry with their own unique charm. Abish Mathew, RJ Malishka, RJ Kisna, Naved, and many more. 

Abish Mathew says, “Wow this tastes great! I mean, way better than my Instagram algorithm.”

RJ Mahvash says, “Iss waqt toh yeh sher sher bhi chillate toh main nahi sunta. Baap ka, dada ka, bhai ka…sabke hisse ka piyega tera yeh Tiger!”.

RJ Kisna, who gets the gold medal for social media comments, says, Bottle mere muh se aise chipak gayi hai jaise madhumakkhi chipakti hai chatte se. Hataye nahi hat rahi hai. Shareer mein urja ka sanchaar ho raha hai.” 

Using influencers was a bold, clever and experimental move from Coke Zero. Their massive following would be sure to amplify Coke Zero’s reach across the country and add an extra level of fun to the mix. What’s more, their participation prompted a two-way communication channel between Coke Zero and its consumers, encouraging individuals to participate in the playful discussion.