“No matter the season, enjoy the perfect family of Coca-Cola products for every imperfect family.”

Coca-Cola has kicked off this New Year with a sizzling “family” campaign. For the first time in 130 years, it has included multiple of its own products in one advert, proudly displaying its own diverse beverage portfolio.

Inspired by the ‘The Bear’, a popular Hulu series, this ad revolves around an imperfect family who make use of different Coca-Cola products as they meet woman’s new boyfriend into their house for the first time. Portraying the American ‘Game Day’ tradition the ad is filled to the brim with chaos that double as beverage promotions. Two uncles argue about the guest’s height while holding cans of Coca-Cola and Coke Zero; one of the uncles sips Sprite; young kids ask their mother for Honest Juice; and a young woman witnesses her uncles fight with a bottle of Smartwater in her hand. In the end, the film circles back to a grand table where all the different drinks are compiled together, and the entire family relaxes while watching the game.

Through this, the beverage giant is able to demonstrate its dazzling portfolio of drinks while also emphasizing Coca-Cola’s importance to families, and that there is something for everyone.

Developed by the creative agency Majority, this ad represents a departure from the norm for Coca-Cola, which often relies heavily on personal brand marketing for its offerings. Thus, Coca-Cola is able to highlight how with a New Year comes new marketing.

Coca-Cola has clearly aimed high with this marketing campaign. Apart from this 90-second ad, the promotion is supported by 40,000 individual creative pieces which will run out-of-tome, across programmatic, display, and beyond. It is also expected to show up in entertainment shows on cable networks, along with ESPN programming.