Close-Up has launched an innovative new print media campaign to promote their “Closeup Multivitamins Toothpaste”.

Picture this: In the Times of India, the front-page flap contained an incomplete news story, provoking viewers’ curiosity. When they flipped inside, Close-Up revealed the full details of their product: Closeup Multivitamins Toothpaste, offering adhura nahi, but poora oral care! With a blue background and colorful visuals, Close-Up’s print ad dominated the page.


What’s more, Close-Up has not just limited itself to print media. They have made a remarkable use of influencer marketing by partnering with Shraddha (aiyyoshraddha) whose promotional reel was nothing short of phenomenal. Captioned “Half done is not done”, the reel showcases a strict police officer who comically criticizes several half-open and half-finished aspects of a young woman’s life – her door, drawer, movies, curtains, washing machine and tap – before noticing her sparkling Closeup Multivitamins Toothpaste and abruptly switching to approval, claiming that while everything in her house is half-complete, at least her teeth will be fully clean. Thus, Close-Up and Shraddha’s reel promotes their product in a witty and organic manner.


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By combining social media and print media, Close-Up showcases their USP through a unique marketing idea and ensures that their product is marketed to the widest possible audience.