When we think of metropolitan cities of India, the first thought that rushes to the mind is its crowd. Not only that, the hectic of passengers miles each day with such a crowd is something that shakes an outsider.


Anything or not, one thing that such cities always promise is a delay in their transportation because of more obvious reasons of traffic or construction. However, there is an innovative introduction that will put thousands of minds at ease.

The frustrating thought of having to wait hours whilst being completely unaware of how much longer it will take is coming to an end.


The simple expected yet revolutionary solution has finally launched, making its debut in the city of dreams. A recently released app called ‘Chalo’ promises and delivers the updates of local BEST buses, answers the hectic questions of daily passengers.


The app not only keeps a track of the bus, hence updating the viewer of its location and timings but also allows them to buy a digital ticket through it. The app now eliminates the trouble of rushing for tickets in an overloaded bus.


Now operating in 12 major cities, the app also allows the creation of a bus pass and informs the viewer about how crowded the bus is. This proves to be a beneficial and more safe option for the viewer to decide how to travel, especially during tough times of the virus.


Various campaigns revolving around the ‘Chalo’ app have popularised it among countless passengers.