CaratLane, India’s leading omni-channel jewellery brand, has launched its latest romantic campaign, ‘Everyday Vows‘.

Conceptualized and executed by BBH India, the idea behind this campaign stems from the brand’s mission to encourage people to #KhulKeKaroExpress and seeks to redefine the significance of Mangalsutras in a modern woman’s married life.

Thus, the ‘Everyday Vows’ campaign highlights that modern women view Mangalsutras as an expression of love, celebrating and honoring all special yet ordinary moments in a couple’s daily life. Since Mangalsutras have become a prominent part of a woman’s everyday jewellery collection, their traditional design is no longer adequate. Women are now opting for multiple intricate diamond designs that flawlessly complement their outfits.

Parikshit Bhattaccharya, chief creative officer, BBH India, states, “Our insight was clear – a woman should wear what she wants, not what she feels pressured to wear. So, we designed a campaign that beautifully brings out the essence of Caratlane’s Everyday Vows collection, ensuring it aligns with women’s lifestyle and attitude. It’s about embracing the beauty of everyday magic in relationships.”

Jennifer Pandya, VP, marketing, CaratLane, expressed her excitement about the campaign, “We believe that every day is an opportunity to celebrate love, and a Mangalsutra is the perfect symbol. A modern woman chooses to wear a mangalsutra as a marker of all the little things her husband does to make her feel special, whether it’s making chai in the morning or being her support system. We’ve created a range of gorgeous lightweight diamond Mangalsutra in chains, bracelets and rings to fit seamlessly into her lifestyle and add a touch of elegance to her every day.”