“Yours for 200 Years”

Cadbury has turned 200 and is flourishing. To celebrate its groundbreaking anniversary, it’s revived and reworked its much-loved “Mum’s Birthday” ad from 2018 in the United Kingdom.

Set in the 19th century, the ad transports the viewers back in time and showcases a young girl buying a  Cadbury Dairy Milk bar for her mum as a birthday present with plastic rings and buttons. This heartwarming story touched hearts worldwide, and years later in 2023, it’s been revived. The ad is almost the same with the same cast and crew – with the exception of the young girl. Since she was grown up, the agency used “digital trickery” to keep her in this ad, according to Ad Age.

To cap up the celebration and reworked ad, Cadbury has also doing the rounds in The Times with a print spot, using a unique and minimalist approach. The number ‘200’ shines bright inside the logo, impossible for anyone to miss.


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“This is a very special moment for us. It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to celebrate a 200th anniversary! But for us, this is so much more than that – it’s celebrating 200 years of being part of the lives of the British public and recognizing that we wouldn’t be here today without them,” said Elise Burditt, senior marketing director at Cadbury.

“We want to demonstrate that the values upon which Cadbury was founded in Birmingham 200 years ago still ring true today with people and with a generous spirit at the heart of everything we do,” he added.

Cadbury’s campaign will run throughout the UK across AV, OOH, audio, social, print and digital.