On World Sustainability Day, BW Businessworld launched its new community, ‘BWSustainabilityWorld’ along with its much-anticipated website.

The creation of BWSustainabilityWorld is a step in the right direction towards realizing a sustainable world and will serve as a hub, uniting the leaders of various sectors to collectively tackle any shared challenges.

Launched under the banner of ‘Sustainable Consumption and Lifestyle Choices’, this unveiling event brought together a diverse range of stakeholders committed to guiding India towards a sustainable future. Some core objectives include: a reduction of carbon footprints, achieving water positivity, building resilient and sustainable supply chains, nurturing social equity, and rejuvenating our invaluable biodiversity. The website launch is, therefore, a startling call to collaborate on efforts that drive real change.

The launch event itself was extremely impactful. It hosted two powerful panel discussions which incorporated the role of corporate sustainability in shaping consumer behaviour and empowering consumers for sustainable living. They had a very impressive line-up of speakers, and the highly respected names included: Dr Pradeep Panigrahi, Head – Corporate Sustainability, Larsen & Toubro; Santhosh Jayaram, Global Head – Sustainability, HCLTech; and Sandeep Chanda, Chief Sustainability Officer, Tech Mahindra, among many others.

The panel discussions discussed, deliberated and highlighted crucial elements such as the ethical environmental imperatives in today’s world, along with the role of businesses in addressing them. This included, among many others, how companies can positively influence consumer choices through inventive product designs and sustainable marketing strategies; the importance of transparent communication in building trust and thus fostering sustainability; the role, challenges and opportunities of eco-labels and certificates in steering consumers to make good choices; the impact of sustainable supply chain practices on the development and delivery of products and services; some strategies to educate consumers about the environmental and social impacts of their choices; the psychological influences that shape consumer decisions; strategies for nudging consumers toward more sustainable choices; and, finally the considerable role of technology empowering individuals to live sustainably.

The momentous event also featured a short video which showcased the sustainable practices adopted by the BW Businessworld’s family in their daily lives, which contribute to their goal of building a sustainable community.