In 2014, Burger King launched a new but controversial entrant in their menu: Proud Whopper. The whopper tasted like any other whopper that Burger King has manufactured but what it helped stand apart from others was the packaging. Once the Proud Whopper was unraveled from the rainbow paper, customers came across a wholesome message, “We are all the same inside.”

The Proud Whopper campaign was launched to show that Burger King wholeheartedly supported the LGBTQ+ community and let the community know that they’ve got their back and was sold at a single Burger King franchise in the heart of San Francisco’s Pride Parade.

When the campaign hit online, it immediately went viral but was met with mixed reactions. With half the internet world supporting Burger King’s decision to support and become an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, many were also angered by Burger King’s desire to help the LGBTQ+ community.

Regardless of where netizens stood on the campaign, it suffices to say that the Proud Whopper was one of Burger King’s most impactful campaigns yet.