“A place with real fire cannot be called McDonald’s.”

Burger King is baiting McDonald’s yet again. In an audacious new move to establish itself as the superior fast-food chain, it has launched a campaign inviting Whopper enthusiasts to rename a remote volcanic island, labelled “McDonald Island“, on Google Maps.

Its proposed rename? “Whopper Island”, of course.

This 2-minute campaign is a mockumentary meant to amuse and inspire viewers. The uninhabited island, located between Madagascar and Antarctica in the Indian Ocean with an active volcano spewing real fire, is a surprising focal point for Burger King’s competitive efforts. However, Burger King manages to turn it into a battleground for competition and brand superiority.

But Burger King does not just stop there: it invites its devoted audience to become active players in the campaign by advising them to use Google Maps to find the island using these exact coordinates: 53°04’35.69″S 73°30’49.18”E. They then encouraged participants to show their interest in seeing the island renamed “Whopper Island” by commenting with the hashtags #IlhaWhopper.

To motivate their viewers even more, they announced an exciting new reward: participants who contributed to the campaign would stand a chance of winning a much-coveted Whopper coupon.

Conceptualized by DM9 Brazil, this campaign epitomizes the uniqueness, absurdity and humour that has characterized all of Burger King’s campaigns till date. By leveraging an anonymous and unknown island, they have managed to transform it into a symbol of their competitive efforts.

The long-standing rivalry between these two fast-food giants has been ongoing for decades, ever since they both first launched in 1955 and 1954 respectively. Burger King has consistently poked fun and tried to undermine their rival in a series of entertaining and audacious campaigns, one of them being their innovative initiative in 2017, where they offered a complimentary Whopper to anyone dressed as a clown for Halloween.