The social networking and online dating platform Bumble came up with a digital campaign ‘Love Will Find a Way’  to give people hope and courage to fall in love again. 2020 has been a difficult year and people have not been able to socialize like before due to the pandemic lockdowns. Mental health has also severely suffered and as a consequence, interpersonal relationships have taken a hit.

Based on a recent study conducted on the platform, Bumble found out that a majority of people want to get back to dating virtual or otherwise. With the aim to revitalise healthy relationships and meaningful conversations, the campaign serves an optimistic perspective on relationships and love. With the isolation of the lockdown, forming bonds and connecting with people is more important right now than ever and the ad serves as a reminder that things will get better and love will find a way to make sure of it.

The campaign was conceptualised by DDB mudra along with 22feet Tribal Worldwide. It redefines love by exploring virtual dating ideas and the app has seen a significant boost in video calls since the campaign initially rolled out.