Britannia NutriChoice has teamed up with Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh to launch an inspiring new ad campaign, #FeelTheFit.

The campaign aims to highlight the brand’s commitment to making a good choice and seeks to motivate individuals to keep up with their overall health and wellness journey by emphasizing that every effort, no matter how small, is a step in the right, healthier direction. Rather than a single end goal, it focuses on the transformative power and positive feeling that occurs every time one makes a good choice.

Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas Bangalore, #FeelTheFit comprises of two films that depict Ranveer Singh as an illusion, which symbolizes the “fit waali” feeling individuals experience after making good choices – like, for example, picking NutriChoice as a snack.

Britannia NutriChoice’s collaboration with Ranveer Singh is bound to produce positive results. With infectious energy and a winning persona, he is a good fit for the face of their brand. Singh also possesses a large, devoted fanbase which will undoubtedly give NutriChoice a wider platform to promote their brand.

Amit Doshi, chief marketing officer, Britannia Industries, said, “In the contemporary world today, fitness is a state of mind, which transcends the appearance of a person. With this in mind, we have launched the #FeelTheFit campaign to celebrate every big and small effort that a person takes towards this journey – be it going to the gym or eating right. The idea behind the campaign is to motivate consumers to opt for a good choice, no matter what the scale of that choice is.”

Arpan Bhattacharyya, Executive Director and Head of Creative (Copy) Lowe Lintas, Bangalore, spoke on their conceptualization of the campaign: “Most ads about fitness focus on the end result. We wanted to focus on the beginning. Because be it the first meal of a complete diet or the first day of a workout regime – every fitness journey begins with a small choice. Making that small choice makes us feel better and fitter, instantly. That’s what we wanted to celebrate with this campaign. Because a fitness journey well begun is half the job done.”