International Women’s Day is right around the corner, and brands around the world have fired up to celebrate it with bold and empowering campaigns.

Take a look at some noteworthy campaigns:

L’Oréal: “Stand Up Against Street Harrassment”

L’Oréal Paris, in partnership with international non-governmental organization Right To Be, is spearheading Women’s Day campaigns with its trailblazing “Stand Up Against Street Harassment” global campaign: It’s Never Your Fault”. The empowering campaign is designed to fight against street harassment, reject the idea of victim blaming, and support every woman on their journey to live by their own rules.

Hershey’s Company: A HerSHE campaign

Hershey’s celebrates Women’s Day by bringing back its limited edition “SHE” bars. It also expands onto digital platforms by enabling consumers to recognize “Sheroes” who inspire them every day and illuminate their achievements. The HerSHE campaign leverages the brand’s chocolate legacy while also empowering women.


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Prega News: #SheCanCarryBoth

Prega News’ new campaign features Pooja Gor as Meenal, a dedicated teacher in the final weeks of her pregnancy highlights and celebrates women who meticulously balance their professional and personal responsibilities.

Touch925: #SheIsEnough

The premium jewellery brand presents a campaign addressing the spirit of self-life and encouraging women to embrace their perfect imperfections. They celebrate the achievements, strengths and challenges that women face beyond superficial judgements. “Together, let’s ensure that every woman sparkles and shines like pure 92.5 silver,” they wrote.

Häagen-Dazs: The Rose Project

In time for International Women’s Day, Haagen-Dazs has finally revealed five extraordinary winners of The Rose Project Class of 2023, a global initiative that invited nominations from around the world to recognize unsung trailblazing women, in honor of the brand’s unsung female Co-founder Rose Mattus. From over 2,500 applications, the Class of 2023 winners include Eunice Maia from Portugal, Jennifer Seifert and Karol Ivanna Aceves Flores from Mexico, Sarah Kandolo from South Africa, and Yarett Pineiro from Puerto Rico.

Luminous Power Technologies: #WomenInEnergy

The energy solutions company has launched a digital film narrated by a child’s point of view that captures the stereotypes and biases present in the mindset of society for women in domestic settings. Conceptualized by AutumnGrey, it highlights how day-to-day household chores whose association with female family members are normalized. Eventually, the chores are taken up by other family members while the mother is revealed as a solar technician under the Luminous training program.

MediBuddy: #InspireInclusion

MediBuddy has launched an initiative that urges women to priorities their health, advocating for positive change not only in the societal spheres but also within their personal wellness journey. With a vision to make high-quality healthcare accessible to billions of Indians, MediBuddy aims to help woen put their own well-being first. “Your body, your story, your power,” they wrote.

Shoppers Stop: #Don’tStop

For International Women’s Day, Shoppers Shop has launched a campaign aimed at dismantling the societal biases and pressures women face in the world of fashion and beauty. It counters the relentless scrutiny and judgement women feel due to the unrealistic standards set by society and instead encourages women to embrace their choices fearlessly. Their video features a girl facing criticism for being deemed “Too Bold”, “Too Flashy”, “Too Wild”, etc, mirroring the judgements faced by women every day.


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