In a developing country like India, education in some areas still seems to take a backseat. The joint efforts of the youth are constantly focused on bringing a change. In the Digital era, brands are using the platforms to contribute to the change by introducing several helpful campaigns. One such campaign was introduced by BookMyShow.

Recently, the brand collaborated with CFTI, the Centre For Transforming India, and came up with a charity initiative to bring ease of access to education for young girls. The campaign markets itself with the #RideToChange and promises convenience in travelling to schools/colleges.

The campaign focuses on providing about 500 bicycles to young Indian girls receding in the villages near Alibaug. Even though it is known for its tourism, such places still fail to provide proper education due to lack of conveyance. Some girls claim to walk a distance of about 5-7kms each day to get to school and some merely drop out due to this issue.

This initiative not only will allow better education, but also provide safety and easy mobility to these young girls who are otherwise living without it. This campaign helps the girls achieve the privilege that education is to them. This movement is marketed all through social media and people are actively participating to bring this change.

BookASmile campaign encourages these young minds to follow their dreams with simple help and allows them the blessing of education on a daily basis.