India has always been a land of music. Music is embedded in hearts and minds throughout history. Naturally, as the new method came into existence, like cinema, music has become a soul of our existence. The lure of the Hindi cinema with a massive sprinkle of music has had a captivating effect on audiences. Young and old, alike, keep humming the songs.

This has led to advertising campaigns being revolved around Hindi songs. The massive success of such an enterprise led to the spurt of the marketing campaigns with Filmi songs as the main theme. Regional languages also had their share of such a campaign.

Many a time, words of songs were changed just a little to suit the advertised product but retained the overall impact. The advantage of such an advertising campaign is that the massive recall value of the song is used to embed the product in the minds of the consumers.

Most commonly, it has been used so intelligently that the product and the song become almost synonyms. Every time the song is played, the mind automatically recalls the product. This is very useful to the brands as even long after the advertisement has stopped, the consumer will still recall the product whenever they hear that song.

Various such advertisements have become a huge hit. The consumer recognition of the product is immediate. The impact has proved to be much greater than most other forms of marketing. Some of the amazing examples are listed below!