Over the years, one such brand that is widely known for its chucklesome campaigns is Bingo! which always puts forth ideas that stand to be out of the box.

Considering the target audience, the brand maintains its youthful tone and gives out campaigns that develop a connection quite easily with the young ones and keeps them entertained throughout it.

To keep up with this pace, the brand also released a new variety of chips called ‘Hashtags’ that could be recognized easily.

Marketing this variety, the brand recently ran a campaign on its social media handle with another interesting idea that compared chips to smartphones.

To make this campaign more inclusive, the brand decided to release it in 7 languages for a 45-second ad.

Not just this, to attain maximum reach, Bingo! decided to run this campaign featuring an influencer, Trending Tunkesh, who makes this campaign an even bigger success.

This wacky concept surely grabbed attention over the internet and we’re expecting Bingo! To continue the same!