All gamers surely recollect the desperate wait that the initially enticing battle game PUBG had when releasing its Indian adaptation- BGMI. When released last year, the fans went crazy with the regional content that drove the Indian audience towards the game even more eagerly.

Ever since the release, BGMI has been prevailing over hearts with the constant thrilling updates and introductions to the game that were marketed brilliantly over diverse social media platforms.

The latest campaign released is presumed to take place as an effort to widen the spectrum of reach and cover the audience from additional niches as well.

A video released prior to the campaign tickled the viewers into speculating the newest introduction of the game as a member. The movie enthusiasts were in awe to find out that it was their favourite actor- Rajkummar Rao, who now stands to be a part of BGMI.

The campaign video also featured legends of the Indian Gaming Community including Snax, Dynamo and Mortal who further fueled the anticipation of the viewers.

Since the actor also has a forthcoming movie, this could prove to be a fruitful marketing strategy to advertise both aspects and attract the fans to try this interesting game!

We’re yet to see how creatively is the game going to use such an influential introduction.