When ITC launched its then-new juice brand ‘B-Natural,’ they decided to target Tropicana and Real in their ads. To position B-Natural as the healthiest juice in the market, ITC launched an OOH campaign asking whether its rivals were willing to join them in making juices only from the fruits and dissuading any usage of concentrates in their products with the line, ”Will the competition join us, be there to see.”

To take the campaign to social media platforms, ITC even started the hashtag #SayNoToConcentrate to promote their product.

Tropicana responded by creating their own hashtag on social media #ConcentrateOnTheFacts. According to Tropicana, the brand is looking to “drive focus to the true facts and to make consumers aware that there is no significant nutritional difference between ‘from concentrate’ and ‘not from concentrate’ fruit beverages”.

However, PepsiCo didn’t take the campaign lightly and ended up taking legal action against ITC in the Delhi High Court. Subsequently, ITC had to suspend the advertising campaign and remove all references to the Tropicana brand, altering its positioning in the market.