While not everyone is an avid reader, people love to listen to stories and audiobooks and Audible is a platform to just that. With it’s new ‘Run for the Chapter’ campaign, it encourages people to get fit while listening to their favourite books. This campaign created by Miami Ad School brings out the explorers in us by combining a jogging routine with our listening experience in an interestingly rewarding way. Audible will motivate joggers to complete pre-set routes on the map by unlocking new chapters of a book each time a route is completed. The campaign is designed such that the further you run, the more story you unlock and you get a notification each time you reach a milestone.

Most young people are now too busy with balancing their work life and social life and do not find enough time to commit to fitness and adventure. This quirky campaign by audible makes smart use of technology to provide a great opportunity for these people to explore their adventurous sides and also work on fitness all while listening to a book.

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