AI is changing our lives, impacting every field imaginable, and has revolutionized the way several industries operate. Now, it has soared to the stars by taking on the role of a virtual astrologer.

This new development has been made possible due to “Kundli GPT AI”, an innovative application combining Vedic astrology with GPT-powered artificial intelligence (AI) to provide its users with personalized, fascinating astrological insights.

“Kundli”, a Sanskrit word that means “horoscope” or “birth chart” which can reveal your personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges, and much more. However, this method can be challenging if you don’t have access to expert guidance of reliable sources.¬†That’s where Kundli GPT AI comes in. Whether you’re a beginner or a die-hard enthusiast, Kundli GPT AI can help you learn about your astrology in an easy and engaging way.

Kundli GPT AI can be used for a variety of purposes, and personal aspects of your life such as your career, wealth and relationships are only one part of it. It can also be used to learn more about Vedic astrology and its principles. Furthermore, you can use Kundli AI to explore several remedies and solutions for any challenges you’re facing in life. For example, it can tell you the best time to start a new venture or travel, and will recommend you the best mantras, gemstones, numbers and other tools that will enhance your fortune.

How does it work?

Using this app is fairly straightforward and can be accomplished in a few simple steps:

  • Visit their website at¬† You can join the waiting list by sending an email to the website support team.
  • Select your language of preference. The Kundli GPT AI chatbox can currently assist you in around 12 languages, including English, Hindi, Marathi and many more.
  • Fill in your additional details in order to get a Kundali, including your name and birth date. The site will also request your location access for more specific predictions.
  • Click “Submit” in order to receive individualized astrological readings.
  • After sharing all your necessary personal details, you will be able to ask important questions regarding your love life, studies, career and several other aspects of your life.

Remember: the website is experiencing heavy traffic right now, and so there may be some delays in response. While this may be frustrating, it clearly indicates that AI-powered astrology has quickly become immensely popular in India.

Kundli GPT AI has been developed by Raj Sutariya who has completed a Bachelor of Technology in electrical engineering from NIT Surat.