Royale Glitz by Asian Paints, India’s leading paint and décor company, steals the spotlight after their launch of a new campaign featuring brand ambassador Deepika Padukone and popular director Karan Johar.

Their glitzy and glamorous commercial starring Deepika has a film-within-a-film format and opens with the question, “Guess who’s stealing her spotlight?”. It shows Deepika playing a fashionable action girl who battles villainous goons in her living room and dodges glass and objects hurled at her. As she wins, the plot takes a startling turn by revealing its true nature – a scene being filmed for a movie, directed by none other than Karan Johar. After the flashy shot, Deepika expects Karan to applaud her, but to her surprise, he walks past her and gazes at the walls, which steal the spotlight due to the crack-free performance and admirable sheen of its paint. After a moment of surprised annoyance, Deepika also becomes mesmerized by the wall.

The advertisement’s artistic and innovative approach of a film within a film infuses it with grandeur and modernity. With a firsthand glimpse of the ultra-sheen and crack-free performance of the paint product, woven into an engaging narrative, will undoubtedly compel viewers to buy the product.

Asian Paints’ use of two famous Bollywood personalities will be sure to work wonders on their audience, leveraging their star power and their massive follower base to promote their product.

Amit Syngle, MD & CEO of Asian Paints Limited, spoke about the campaign: “The new commercial for Royale Glitz ft. Deepika Padukone and Karan Johar exudes the essence of an exhilarating action-movie trailer, seamlessly integrating compelling product propositions. Our Royale Glitz range showcases a captivating sheen, coupled with durability and resilience. In today’s market, consumers seek ultra-luxurious finishes for their homes, and the inclusion of crack-free* performance takes this offering to an entirely new level.”