The late 2000s were visibly dominated by BlackBerry. And although Apple was new to the market, it proved to be a threat to BlackBerrys domination so much so that BlackBerry ended up creating a campaign only to attack Apple.

In February 2009, BlackBerry released a commercial where it took a shot at Apple. Literally. The commercial saw a small blackberry tear through the insides of the apple, annihilating the fruit on the way, and making it alive. Theres a silence that lingers after the attack of the fruits when suddenly the words “The world’s first touch-screen Blackberry” appear on the screen. Followed by a “Nothing can touch it.” Created by Guava Studios, a New York-based visual effects house, the 16-second advertisement was a clear indication of the tense relationship Apple and BlackBerry had with each other.

Not one to silently take the attacks of others, Apple countered BlackBerry by coming with their own commercial. In a 13 second long film, Apple shows a blackberry being completely splattered all across an apple, too weak to even operate an attack on the fruit properly. The camera remains on the same scene throughout till the end where the words “Simple Facts” come on it, signifying that BlackBerry would never be able to beat or even attack Apple.