Apple held its September 2020 Event earlier today and the new Series 6 watch was the highlight of the show. Apple is known for its alluring ads with clever copywriting and captivatingly sophisticated voice overs. This time, however, while introducing the new Apple Watch Series 6, Apple decided to do something different.

The ad starts off much like most other apple product ads where a charming and ambitious voice talks about revolutionary new technology that will be available in the future of smartwatches, but the catch is that every time she talks about a groundbreaking and breathtaking feature, someone interrupts her to tell her that the new Apple Watch already does that. Once she runs out of ideas, she decides to come up with bizarre ideas like having a watch that makes an emergency call when a hungry bear chases you down a cliff, and to her surprise, a man comes up on screen to tell her that the new watch even does that. This culminates with her taking her thoughts out of this world and suggesting that a new watch will tell you how much oxygen you have in your blood, at which point a man inside a space station grabs her attention to tell her that the new Series 6 Watch already does it.

The oxygen level sensor is the new USP of the new release and Apple used a brilliant way to sell people on it placing the feature as something that is beyond extraordinary with clever positioning in its latest ad which was conceptualised by TBWA. Have a look