Apple is back to promote its latest iPhone 12 with its new ads called “Cook” and “Fumble” which promotes durability, water resistance, and the performance of their latest novel feature- the ceramic shield screen.

The “Cook’’ ad follows a chef putting his iPhone through different adversities, from spilling flour all over the iPhone, splashing macerated dough on it, accidentally throwing it on the ground, facing the brunt of kitchen equipment, dropping it in coffee, and much more.

The other ad “Fumble” shows a woman walking on a footpath talking on an iPhone 12 when suddenly, it slips, and as she fumbles to hold on to the mobile. In the end, she fails to catch the iPhone 12, and it falls flat – screen first- on the hard ground. And yet, it had no scratches, since the phone features the Ceramic shield which withstands any and all potential damages. The ad has recently gone viral due to the Indian background music that it features. The tabla based background set sets the ambience in which the woman fumbles around to hold her phone properly.

The ad aims at highlighting the feature of Ceramic Shield display which they claim results in four times better drop performance and calls it the toughest glass in any smartphone yet.