The social media handle of athleisure brand Puma India shared several photos of Anushka Sharma wearing Puma’s collection.

Anushka Sharma took it to her Instagram story and pointed out that the pictures were posted without the actor’s former permission. She then called out Puma India on her Instagram story. Virat Kohli supported her too. Puma India from featuring her image on its social media platforms.

As the actor reposted her images on her Instagram story, she wrote, “Hey Puma India, I am sure you know that you have to take permission before you can use my imagery for publicity since I am not your brand ambassador. Please take it down”

After condemning the brand for using her image without her permission, Anushka Sharma found support from her fans who blasted the brand for its insensitive decision.

The brand then replied to this outrage with a contract photo on Instagram with the caption, “Hey @anushkasharma, we shouldve reached out sooner! Should we take things to the next level, then?”

Many people are confused about the brand’s reply to this. Users were quick to pick this up as a marketing strategy. Some even stated that they feel like being tricked.

“Promotional strategy at best,” wrote one user.

“Marketing team of Puma >>> Marketing Team of Zomato,” said another.

The actor finally confirms this partnership with a video on Instagram.