In the Digital era, Email marketing plays a very crucial role as it is adopted by almost every firm and gives out a more professional image of the firm when compared to other means. But, it isn’t necessary that every firm that uses it knows how to make optimum use of it!

This is why we have listed down the FAQ’s relating to Email marketing and its campaigns, to help understand it better!

1) How to attract users to the email list?

The best way to make a viewer sign up for the email list is by asking them to do so via the website. This is because the website already consists of traffic that included potential buyers. Alongside, allowing them a discount or an offer with every sign-up proves to be a great way.

2) Which is an appropriate email address?

While sending out emails to thousands of subscribers, it becomes necessary to make sure that the email does not end up in the subscriber’s spam box. Thus, it should start with a valid name of the firm.

3) What should such emails consist of?

A welcoming mail to new ones is a great start! However, such emails should be straight to the point with the inclusion of promotional ideas, offers, discounts, etc.

4) What does a seasonal campaign mean?

As the name suggests, such campaigns take place during a specific season of the year or certain holidays. These campaigns include special offers that are marketed prior to the season to create a sense of urgency and limited time.

5) What are hard and soft bounce rates? 

A bounce rate is a rate at which the emails fail to deliver to the end-users. Such ratings are categorised as hard and soft. A hard bounce relates to permanent issues such as invalid email addresses, and a soft one includes temporary issues.

Keeping the content short, relevant and interesting to look at, can go a long way and convert subscribers into lifelong customers!