‘Celebrate a Merry Christmas, with Amul!”

Amul celebrates Christmas with an AI-generated animated video that promises the audience an “utterly butterly Christmas”.

The reel shows a giant version of Amul Girl, the brand’s quintessential icon, decked up in a red-and-white polka dress with a Christmas hat and waving at the small crowd gathered below. She playfully presents a box of Amul’s ‘Cake Magic’ and waves to the audience, promoting their product with suitable festive cheer. Throughout it all, the tune of ‘Jingle Bells’ plays merrily in the background, reminding the audience of the upcoming festival ahead.

The short, sweet ad is filled with vibrant colors and crisp animation from beginning to end, ensuring that it steals both the audience’s attention and their hearts.

Amul is not the first nor the last brand to use AI to create reels and promotional videos for festive occasions. This has been a notable uptrend over the past few months, particularly for cricket, Diwali, and now Christmas. This aligns with the growing interest in the various capabilities and dimensions of AI by brands, which have led to the emergence of topical campaigns like this but also to tensions and difficulties in the heart of the AI world.