Amazon, the world’s leading multicontinental technology company, has decided to shut down its ad-serving business in 2024.

The current delay is because brands and agencies have been given the time to transition themselves into another ad server and support their employees globally who will inevitably be affected by the decision.

Amazon’s Ad server is an optional service regularly used by advertisers. It is used to manage and measure campaigns across various platforms and publishers. While it will be shut down, other Amazon advertising services will reportedly continue, including Amazon Marketing Cloud, Amazon Publisher Services and Amazon DSP.

Amazon’s decision to end its ad server comes as it continues to invest in building other comprehensive, durable and flexible ad tech. This includes a new SSP for publishers, according to job postings noticed by Insider in August.

“We are always evaluating the potential of our products and services to deliver value for customers, and we regularly make adjustments based on those assessments,” according to a spokesperson of Amazon.

Amazon will reportedly continue to support their Ad Server DCO features till the fourth quarter of 2024.