Amazon has launched an AI-powered image generation to help advertisers deliver a richer and better ad experience for customers.

This is a generative AI solution designed to remove creative barriers and enable brands to produce lifestyle imagery that in turn helps improve the performances of their ads, highly necessary and useful in today’s rapidly digitizing world.

For example, consider an advertiser who has a standalone of their product against a while background, like a toaster. If that toaster is placed in a lifestyle context (eg: on a kitchen counter) in a mobile Sponsored Brands ad, its click-through rates can be 40% higher than ads with more standard images.

“Producing engaging and differentiated creatives can increase cost and often requires introducing additional expertise into the advertising process,” said Colleen Aubrey, senior vice president of Amazon Ads Products and Technology. “At Amazon Ads, we are always thinking about ways we can reduce friction for our advertisers, provide them with tools that deliver more impact while minimizing effort, and ultimately, deliver a better advertising experience for our customers.”

How does it work?

In the Amazon Ad Console, advertisers simply need to select their product and click on “Generate”. The tool leveraging generative AI will then deliver a set of brand-themed and lifestyle images, dependent on the product details, in seconds. Their image can then be refined if advertisers enter short text-prompts, and multiple versions can be created and tested in order to optimize their performance.

Amazon’s solution is helpful to all advertisers, helping those who don’t have in-house abilities or agency support to easily create brand-themed imagery. At the same time, it also supports bigger brands. According to Amazon, ” image generation capability is easy to use and requires no technical expertise.”

Amazon Ads has already started rolling out this capability to select advertisers and will expand its availability over time.


Find out more on Amazon’s blog post.