OTT platforms have seen a tremendous spike in its users since the lockdowns began and sometimes it can be hard to choose between platforms. Investing in every platform can be expensive and reeling in customers with attractive options is key. Amazon Prime Video teamed up with the agency Leo Burnett to come up with a tantalising ad that boasts about the platform’s impressive range. This new campaign called ‘What’s your mood?’ has two brilliantly directed ads that sublimely show how product placement can be made entertaining. People often enjoy a range of shows and what they want to watch at a particular time depends entirely on their mood. Prime’s new ads show how the platform is teeming with entertaining content for every mood ranging from spine-tingling to rib-tickling and from heart-warming to heart-breaking.

The first ad shows a man who wants to watch a movie and the eerie weather outside makes him go through amazon prime video’s abundant list of scary movies but he eventually gets too scared by the thought and decides to watch a comedy instead.

The second ad shows a couple who are planning on watching a romantic movie and as the man starts reciting names of romantic movie options on prime video, the woman is distracted by a message from someone and the man begins to doubt their relationship and moves towards more heartbreaking titles.

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