Amazon has announced that Alexa will soon be powered by a new LLM generative AI model with ChatGPT-like features.

Amazon elaborated: “The new Alexa LLM is capable of managing a nearly endless amount of variation, and it can understand how your specific home is set up to trigger the right APIs and actions. Understanding these nuances is critical for making Alexa more intuitive.”

Even more uniquely, Amazon’s new AI-powered features will be available for its Echo devices, including its first-ever Alexa-powered device – the Echo Plus.

Here are some of the new AI features Amazon has introduced, among others:

Rich Conversations:

Amazon’s new AI model will use both verbal and non-verbal cues in order to make conversations easier and more personal. This will be done by utilizing various sensors located in Echo devices to deliver natural-sounding conversations. Amazon has also ensured that they update their features with the most up-to-date information.

Dynamic Controller:

Users will be able to tell Alexa the unique things their device can do. For example, if you say “Alexa, make it look spooky in here,” Alexa will deduce that it should set a temporary lighting scene for you.

Action Controller:

This new tool allows device makers to define simple actions their devices can support so that you can be more conversational and casual when you ask for something. For example, if you say “Alexa, the floor is dirty”, Alexa will automatically understand that the required action is vacuuming.

The ability to fulfill multiple requests:

Amazon’s new LLM will also make Alexa more conversational with a whole new level of smart home intelligence where users will be able to combine multiple requests into one. For example, they can say “Alexa, close all the blinds, turn off all the lights, and start the vacuum” and Alexa will do just that.

Personalized Content:

Amazon’s AI-upgraded Alexa will be able to deliver unique experiences based on the preferences you’ve shared, the services you’ve interacted with, and information about your environment. According to Amazon, “Ask Alexa a question about a museum, and you’ll be able to ask a series of follow-ups about its hours, exhibits, and location without needing to restate any of the prior context, like the name or the day you plan to go.”

A Map View:

As Amazon explains: “With Map View, you build a digital representation of your home’s floor plan and pin connected devices to each room. You choose which rooms are added to your map, select which devices show up, and can unpin individual devices at any time. Through the map you can turn off all the lights downstairs with a single tap, adjust the temperature, view live feeds from your cameras, and check that you locked the front door—all in one place.”

Amazon has also announced the invention of Echo Hub, their first ever Alexa-enabled smart home panel that makes connecting and managing smart devices infinitely easier.

These new additions and improvements display Amazon’s commitment towards providing its users with an engaging and evolving experience.