“You stooped so low for cheap publicity.”

Legal trouble looms for actress Poonam Pandey after her fake death stunt has left the country in disbelief.

A day after announcing her “death”, the actress has emerged alive and healthy. According to her, the stunt was engineered to draw attention to cervical cancer and its dangers. Her promotional strategy has horrified netizens, who were left in disbelief at the insensitive and detrimental nature of her campaign. People, including other celebrities, have come forward to criticize her.

Less than a day later, multiple parties have demanded that legal action be taken against Pandey for her part in the campaign. Most prominently, the All India Cine Workers’ Association (AICWA) has issued a statement demanding an FIR against the actress.

Shyamlal Gupta, the President of AICWA, berated Poonam Pandey for seeking “cheap publicity” and playing with the emotions of her audience. He urged the police to take strict legal action so that nobody else thoughtlessly circulates such fake news in the future.

In a video shared by news agency ANI on X (formerly Twitter), Gupta was heard saying: “Is this a joke?… You stooped so low for cheap publicity. No one has stooped this low in the Bollywood industry… You have played with the sentiments of the people… There is a way to raise awareness. You can approach the government, an NGO or do a media conference… I have asked the Mumbai Police Commissioner that an FIR should be registered against Poonam Pandey and her manager…”

“Strict action against them is necessary so that such types of fake news will not be circulated by anyone. Such cheap publicity is not at all accepted in our Indian Film Industry which has high emotional values for all,” he added.

The AICWA President is far from the only one to condemn the actress and seek to drag her to court. Satyajeet Tambe, a Mumbai-based legislator, has demanded that the Mumbai Police arrest her so that nobody will spread fake news in the future.

“The news of an influencer/model dying of cervical cancer cannot be a means to spread awareness about the disease. The entire episode takes away the serious nature of cervical cancer and diverts the attention entirely to the influencer,” he stated.

Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit has likewise called for a case to be filed against her for spreading fake news and trivializing a serious health issue.