Adobe Photoshop has been the cornerstone of image editing in the professional world for decades. Be it for advertising or magazine covers, Photoshop has been every editor’s best friend through the years and the incredible options it now offers helps users create extraordinary images that are bound only by their imagination.

On its 30th birthday, Adobe Photoshop came up with an ad that takes us through a beguiling dreamlike journey while the captivating tunes of ‘She’s a Rainbow’ by the Rolling Stones plays in the background. The ad epitomizes the infinite possibilities that the app opens up for creators by showing how something as monotonous and ordinary as a simple train ride back home can be turned into a ‘Fantastic Voyage’ through just our imagination and a little help from photoshop.

Adobe says, “Come along on our fantastic voyage thanks to the magic of imagination (and a little help from Photoshop). While Adobe Creative Cloud products will point your imagination in the right direction, it is up to you to complete the journey. Unleash your creativity and transform your everyday routine into a magical odyssey, using the mystical powers of Photoshop. At Adobe we believe the world is your canvas; it is fit for all the remixing, compositing, blending, and reimagining that the creative mind desires. Nothing is off-limits for interpretation, not even reality. Start creating, today.”