For many girls and women out there, a monthly visit by Aunt Flo is never looked forward to. It’s a time where women and girls often resign from the different kinds of physical activities and bear the pain silently as the taboo continues. But what if you had a pair of leggings that would help you perform physical activities without worrying about being on your period 24×7?

Adidas just did that. Adidas has launched its own period-proof performance wear ‘TechFit Period Proof Tights’ which is absorbent and leak-proof – allowing women to easily perform physical activities without their periods holding them back.
With their global educational campaign on period awareness, Adidas is educating people about menstruation, the difficulties people face during the times, and breaking the barriers and stigma surrounding it.
The campaign for the sportswear commences with a young girl preparing for physical activities confidently because of the leggings, followed by many other women working out without letting their periods get the best of them. Adidas talks about how over 900 million people in the world menstruate. One in four women drops out of sports during adolescence, citing their period as a major factor with 65% of those who menstruate citing “leaking” as the top concern.

Kim Buerger, senior product manager for women’s apparel at Adidas, said the company is committed to providing apparel that can help put their minds at ease and keep them involved in playing sports. Buerger further said that Adidas worked for two years to develop the TechFit line, and after much testing and rejiggering, created a product that offers three layers: wicking, absorbing, and leakproof.
She said, “We started designing this collection from the inside out. We knew it had to be comfortable and breathable, but most importantly, it had to serve its purpose of helping to protect against leakage. Our ambition with this product is to keep more people in sport by giving them the confidence to train on their period.”