In 2012, Mercedes announced its first-ever ‘F-Cell Car’, a form of a hybrid car that had 0 gas emissions and was made by their F Cell Hydrogen technology.

Since the new series of the car had 0 omissions, Mercedes was adamant about showing off this one particular feature to the audience and they did so through the ‘Invisible Car Campaign.’

According to Daily Mail reports, the researchers at Mercedes created the illusion that the new F-Cell Mercedes Benz wasn’t present at all, it was invisible. A nod towards how the car was practically invisible to the environment, which meant negligible contributions to climate change.

To make the car invisible, Mercedes mounted hundreds of LED lights on one side while placing a Canon 5D Mark II camera on the other side that sent live footage to the LED side of the car, creating a real-time camouflage effect.

The campaign soon garnered attention all over the world and was quick to become one of Mercedes-Benz’s most iconic campaigns of all times.