From teaching us how to ride our bicycles and buying whatever our little hearts desired to helping us manage our finances and making cups of coffee for all the all-nighters we’ve pulled, our dads have always had and always will have unconditional love for us. They’ve sacrificed their needs and desires for us constantly and even put up with endless temper tantrums. They’re our pillars to life and without them, life seems bleak.

Growing up in an Asian community usually means that we don’t outrightly express our love and affection for our parents (and vice versa), it’s expressed subliminally; although times are a-changing and we’re becoming bold with our expressions of love for them.

With Father’s Day being held just a day ago, brands pulled up their socks and came up with creative campaigns that made you want to text your father and tell them you love them (only to be met with the ever iconic response of ‘ok’).

Here are some of the campaigns that tugged at our heartstrings and made us hug our dads a little tighter: