In India, TikTok lived fast and died young. Ever since its launch, it was all anyone could ever talk about, and it created the trend of short, eye-catching videos that took the world by storm.

Unfortunately, TikTok has been banned in India since June, 2020, and its absence plunged social media into a temporary void. Fortunately, that has been quickly filled up by dozens of dazzling alternatives, some global and others homegrown. 

Here are 5 brilliant alternatives to TikTok in India:



Instagram Reels need no introduction. It was launched soon after the TikTok ban in India, became the go-to classic for anyone seeking an easy alternative to TikTok. Not only do they have the same features as TikTok, they have the added benefit of being in the same place where you already make and share your regular posts. They allow their users to make short videos of any genre or category and share them on Instagram, appearing in your stories and your feed. What’s more, downloading these Reels from your account is a piece of cake: all their users have to do is click on the three-dot on the right side of the Reels menu, and click on “save” to download the video. Instagram Reels are quick, hassle-free and absolutely addictive – what more can one ask for?



YouTube Shorts have been all the rage since their launch in September 2020. Users can upload 15-seconds to 1-minute videos by clicking on the “+” button and selecting the “Create a Short” option, and they will be on their merry way. YouTube Shorts videos are supposed to be shot vertically and have some filters and other editing choices; they also allow people to share and comment on their favourite videos. YouTube’s already-gigantic user base will be particularly helpful when it comes to attracting viewers and followers, and don’t forget to take full advantage of that.



If anyone is looking for an Indian alternative to TikTok, MX TakaTak is a no-brainer. It is often called the “Indianized” version of TikTok and has come a long way since its original launch, surpassing all other platforms in terms of its followers. It has the same design as TikTok and was specifically made for the Indian market in mind. Its video maker allows you to create a variety of videos in different formats across social networking channels with filters, editors, transition features, dialogue dubbing and more. What’s more, users can tag these videos in local languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, etc. Give it a shot!



Chingari is a rising star in India with more than 50 million downloads on Google Play Store. The app has three main sections – Videos, News and The Game Zone – and with its help, users can create dance videos, lip-syncing videos and short music, among others. It also has several other video app features such as video timer, video speed, GIFs, filters, and much more. A particularly helpful upside of Chingari is that it helps you obtain some easy cash based on your popularity: users earn points depending on the views their videos attract, which can be exchanged for money.



Last but not least, Josh is India’s home-made alternative to TikTok, introduced by DailyHunt soon after TikTok’s ban and promoted as the “Instagram for Bharat”. The app has a friendly user interface, allowing users to upload videos that are as long as 120 seconds with dozens of effects, filters and video-editing tools. You can also remix or share pre-recorded clips using their app. What’s more Josh is specifically designed to be compatible with every Indian: it is available in 12 languages, enabling regional creators to participate in the fun. Convenient, right?


There you have it! TikTok may be banned in India, but the show is certainly not over. These brand-new alternatives have been thriving and have ensured that the trend of short videos is kept alive. Make sure you visit some of them so you don’t miss out on the fun!