Whether you love it or hate it, it is impossible to deny the significance of social media in advertising in the age of the internet. Social media is a rapidly rising trend even among boomers and gen Xers and is not something only popular among the younger generations anymore. It’s important to utilise social media appropriately so that your efforts bear fruits and to do that, you must avoid the following mistakes.

1) Stagnant Strategy-

It is absolutely imperative to stay in touch with the world around you and adapt to its needs while still maintaining your core values. Your strategy needs to revolve around your consumer’s needs and sensitivities. Understanding them and improvising accordingly can be done using data to identify the latest trends, engagement, and providing tailored content which can be key towards successful marketing.

2) Ignoring Negative Feedback-

The internet is full of trolls and you are bound to run into them at some point in the form of negative comments and it’s easy to get disheartened and avoid those completely but every so often there could be genuine feedback disguised under the garb of a negative comment understanding which can help you better your brand and content. Besides ignoring these people aggravated with genuine concerns might only make your problems worse. It’s necessary to handle your unhappy consumers with an air of approachability and empathy. Understanding your customers and learning from your mistakes goes a long way in brand building.


3) Post Content For the Sake of It-

On social media, quality triumphs over quantity. When you don’t have anything to say, its best to remain silent. Posting poorly made content that doesn’t provide value to your consumers will have a negative effect on them. Hence it is best to avoid repetitive and lethargic content as people have developed strong filters to automatically snub generic content. A great way to plan out your content is to create a content calendar ahead of time a craft quality posts accordingly.

4) Treating All the Platforms Alike-

The reason that so many platforms exist is not because of their likeness but rather because of how unique they all are. Each platform provides its own unique value proposition to the users and how they are used and who uses them is important to understand in order to get the best out of them. For instance, posts that offer professional advice will work best on platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter while those posts that rely heavily on imagery will receive the most love on Instagram or Pinterest and video content do well on YouTube, TikTok or Instagram.

5) Over Promotion-

Promoting your brand too much usually has a negative effect on your followers and they may lose interest in your content. It is necessary to strike the right balance in your content and post more content that your audience might indulge themselves in rather than going overboard with promoting your brand. People connect with your brand better with visually appealing infographics, reposts, fun activities and informative posts and using these instead can help you establish a better relationship with your followers.

Taking small steps to avoid these simple mistakes can do wonders for your brand. Planning your social media strategy wisely is the recipe for successful marketing.