In today’s day and age, digital marketing is the heart and soul of most companies. Sounds dramatic? It’s simply the cold, hard truth. Businesses can rise and fall depending on their marketing strategies, and the right digital tools can help you zoom past the competition into a golden world of success. 

If you are a digital marketer looking for useful digital tools to boost your marketing strategies, look no further. Here are 5 gold medalists that will make your job infinitely easier:



Sprout Social is a must have for any social media marketer. As a social media management platform, it helps businesses publish and schedule their content across several platforms by organizing their content calendar in one place. With a razor-sharp knowledge of when their followers are the most active, it times these to perfection.

If that isn’t good enough, Sprout Social also helps you with social analytics: it has razor-sharp social listening features that can help you identify your top-performing posts and evaluate the success of your social media campaigns.

It is also extremely easy to collaborate with both your customers and colleagues: Sprout Social’s inbox gives you a flawless bird’s-eye view of all your social media messages.



If you’re searching for a useful SEO (search engine optimization) tool, look no further: Clearscope will fulfil all your expectations. It is especially helpful if you want to focus on optimizing your existing content and provides you with a meticulous editor to recommend headers, keywords, and many more features. In other words, it enhances readability by helping you write and rewrite captivating, well-organized blog posts. It doesn’t matter if you’re refreshing your existing blogs or creating brand-new content strategy; Clearscope will ease you through it all.



SendGrid is a must have for any email marketer, as its wide range of email marketing services are extremely friendly to email veterans and novices alike. For instance, its remarkable platform offers performance analytics, helping marketers understand their consumers, and also includes flexible design options by coding or visual drag-and-drop editing. The best part? SendGrid has scalable pricing that matches your needs as well as a forever-free plan for budding businesses. Famous companies which make use of this are Red Hat Inc and Acrelec SAS. 



Formerly known as Bannersnack, this is a perfect graphic creation tool and the cornerstone of digital marketing with extensive templates and advanced animation. What differentiates Creatopy from tools like Canva are its marketer-specific features. For instance, it is particularly helpful for companies managing several clients on social accounts, as its brand kits and design sets enable you to keep your brand creatives well-organized by working with your fellow marketers. It also allows you to edit this design within several formats in a single click, making it the world’s greatest time-saver. 



This is a spectacular lead enrichment tool which is both user-friendly and provides you with a helpful overview of your traffic. It uses more than 100 sources, including Salesforce, to create a holistic and up-to-date profile of your leads, including details like the company size and company role. The best part? Clearbit updates itself every 30 days to make sure that you can rely on fresh rather than outdated data. It does your monotonous task for you and saves you some serious time and energy in the process.


There you have it! Digital marketing is a risky process, but it can also be simple and straightforward. All it needs are the right tools in the right hands.

It’s important to remember that while these tools are all individually useful, it is a combination of them that will truly create a difference for your company. Don’t be worried about going through trials by fire to understand which digital tool works best for you.