Every teacher that enters one’s life leaves an impact, no matter how noticeable. From nursery to graduation, each stage comes with its own set of difficulties and chaos which are made easier through the lessons taught by teachers.

As a way of showing gratitude and giving back to this contribution, Teachers Day holds a special place in the hearts of every individual.

For a day so significant, marketing is bound to leave an imprint. Here’s how brands celebrated Teacher’s Day on different social media platforms. This year.

1) upGrad

A series of heart-warming videos focused on not just thanking teachers but also others who have taught and helped through things.

2) BYJU’s

A unique perspective was brought out focusing on not the teaching but the learning aspect.

3) Himalaya

A campaign that focused on showing parents as the synonym for teachers.

4) Extra Marks

The modern take on education is showcased under the campaign #Sikhaosukoonse