71 percent of employees in India claim that they would rather have their performance evaluated by AI than their managers, as per a report by HR solutions provider Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG).

This report can either be understood an indication of rising trust in artificial intelligence (AI), or an indication of the lacking trust employees have in the managerial evaluation of their superiors. But whatever the cause, the end result is striking and highly suggestive.

There were many other revelations with regards to AI. For example, 92% of people accept the role AI plays in assisting managers in creating employee schedules, while 89% believe AI should help. What’s more, the vast majority (95%) of employees in India believe that AI can improve their quality of life. As per the report, employees have benefitted much more from the usage of AI than companies so far.

This trend is mirrored in the field of job requirements and pragmatism. 62% of employees in India believe that AI skills will matter more than work experience in the next two years to either keep their current job or find a new one. As the report says, it has become crucial to them to familiarize themselves with the workings of AI.

Furthermore, employees who are skilled at using AI believe that they have a significant edge over their peers who are unfamiliar with the technology, be it in terms of working heirs or financial compensation. 90% of employees believe that they deserve higher pay if they are skilled at AI, indicating its growing importance in the workforce. On the other hand, 76% of employees want shorter working days and working weeks if they use AI to automate some of their tasks.

The report estimates that 70% of the total workforce will use AI to automate or augment some of their job tasks by 2028.