July 25, 2024
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Nancy Tyagi stars in Cosmopolitan India’s digital cover shoot

Fashion creator Nancy Tyagi, who dazzled fans with her self-made outfits at Cannes 2024, has now starred in Cosmopolitan’s latest digital cover shoot.

Nancy posed in an outfit she had made from scratch – a powder-blue strapless gown with ruffles, a sash, and matching gloves – which she had originally sewed and styled for her birthday earlier this year. Named the “Season’s Diamond”, her photoshoot is a testament to how far she has come and the success she has achieved in such a short time.

Nancy also participated in an interview with Cosmopolitan India, sharing valuable insights into her journey and love for fashion.

“The inspiration to start creating and showcasing my outfits on Instagram came during the lockdown,” she revealed. “With more time on my hands, I began experimenting with different styles and sharing them online. My passion for designing dates back to my childhood when I used to make dyed clothes for my dolls.”

Nancy also revealed how being a content creator and designer helps her stand out. She shared that, “Being a creator and a designer complement each other. Designing allows me to express my unique vision and creativity, while my role as a fashion influencer helps me share my designs with a wider audience. Each role enhances the other.”

Full of praise for their new “digital cover girl”, Cosmopolitan has asked fans to “VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE COVER”.

Nancy’s rise to fame and back-to-back successes have delighted and inspired her fans, who shared their compliments across social media. “She is looking like Cinderella,” one user praised. “Truly a diamond and deserves a diamond,” another wrote. Many followers also expressed the hope that Nancy would continue making her own outfits in the future.