July 25, 2024
YouTube content creator MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, has announced that he has built and given away 100 houses to families in need.Sharing a glimpse of his project, MrBeast’s video captured various stages of the project, including site construction, construction challenges and the families’ emotional reactions. They were constructed for families in Jamaica, El Salvador, Argentina, and Colombia and were made possible through the support of numerous partners, including Food For The Poor, New Story, and Techo.Each home is going to change a family’s life,” MrBeast said, highlighting the profound impact of this initiative. In addition to the new homes, he surprised all of the children in one village with brand-new bicycles, bringing smiles to the community.“And also shout out to you guys, because obviously if you didn’t watch these videos, we wouldn’t have been able to build 100 houses,” he said.The video has received over 63 million views and a flood of praise from viewers.“He was one of the guys who said “if I become I millionaire I’ll help people”… But actually did it. Thank you,” one user wrote.“Dont forget he planted 30 million trees, removed 30 million pounds of trash from the ocean, puts back alot into charity, and doesnt buy expensive things for himself. What a hero!” another praised.“Can someone please nominate Mr.Beast for a noble award of some kind. He is a Youtuber doing the jobs that charities, governments and non profit organizations have failed to do for decades,” another gushed.However, the reception for this video has not been all positive, and some viewers are left feeling divided.On Reddit, a user wrote: “Part of me says using poor people for views is horrible. Other part says at least some people now have a roof over their head!”

“Most houses have been placed on shoddy pillars,” argued another. “No one feels like this could be dangerous? I’m thankful MrBeast is doing charity but pumping 100 houses as fast as possible makes me feel quality will feel subpar.”

“Get weird vibes from this it’s just a huge PR stunt,” another commented. “But families getting a home is worth the PR.”

In light of some of these comments, Donaldson has responded on social media. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), he wrote: “When we help people (curing 1000 blind people, building 100 houses, 100 wells, etc) people get mad and say I shouldn’t be doing this and governments should. Yes, ideally a YouTuber isn’t the one fixing these issues but I’m not just gonna stand by and do nothing.”

MrBeast’s home building efforts comes shortly after the YouTube creator recently gave away 10 luxury cars to fans in Australia.