Wendy’s New Campaign Is Made By A Fifth Grader And The Internet Is Loving It

23 June, 2021 (Wednesday)

While most of us were busy playing football and creating nuisance in class as 5th graders, there’s one fifth grader who’s gaining recognition for his work worldwide. 

Julien Jantos loves Wendy’s. And burgers. So much so that he made an entire storyboard for Wendy’s next campaign by himself and a box of crayons. His mother posted the image on Twitter with the tweet saying, “Free @Wendys ad written by their biggest fan (aka my son).”

Needless to say, Wendy’s was absolutely besotted by the storyboard. Its social team came in contact with Julien and implemented his storyboard vision in less than 7 hours. 

The campaign, available on social media, features Julien’s storyboard going parallel to the actual campaign and goes through every single image box one by one. The campaign remains completely authentic to the storyboard and even contains some of Julien’s misspelt words like ‘musterd’ and ‘keckup.’

Julien’s mother was quick to take to Twitter to thank the fast food conglomerate for bringing her son’s vision to life.