Walmart Introduces a Different Kind of Membership

14 September, 2020 (Monday)

It has become increasingly difficult for people to spend quality time with their families amidst today’s hustling and bustling lifestyles. Walmart introduced a new marketing campaign to promote it’s Walmart+ membership program. Instead of selling the membership program, the campaign sells us the idea of spending more time with our family and friends. The core value proposition of Walmart+ is that members won’t have to spend time on shopping and all the time we will thus have saved can be invested in doing what matters most to us, spending time with our loved ones. 

Selling an idea, a feeling or an experience always works better than selling a mere product and this new ad by Walmart perfectly exemplifies this lesson. It shows people spending some much needed fun time with their families and friends to reconnect with what might have become a lost feeling of togetherness. While they do this, the ad subtly shows how Walmart helps them save time on daily shopping needs. Have a look.