Starbucks Ups its Spelling Game Amid Pandemic

28 August, 2020 (Friday)

It has been a very popular gag through the years that the baristas at Starbucks always end up getting your spelling wrong whilst writing your name on the coffee cup. Playing along with this gag, Starbucks UK came up with a clever self-deprecating post to implore people to wear masks. 

This advertisement, created by the agency Iris, plays on the ‘Starbucks can’t get your name right’ gag in a very relatable manner with a picture of a coffee cup that has the word ‘Mmphfffh’ where your name should be. The minimalism and simplicity of it are simply outstanding. It had already been made mandatory in the UK to wear masks while visiting any retail outlet. The muffled gibberish is what the baristas are supposed to hear if people wear masks and Starbucks doubles down on this thought by saying, “Thank you for wearing a mask in store.”

Eli Vasiliou, the associate creative director at Iris who came up with the idea, said, “Names on cups is such a big thing at Starbucks, and it just occurred to me how much trickier life suddenly is for baristas. They’ve got no chance! That idea made me laugh. So, we worked it up as a little social post for Starbucks’ Instagram and Facebook. The client loved it and signed it off, and that was that.”