Renault Celebrates a New Chapter in the Story of its Iconic Clio

03 September, 2020 (Thursday)

Renault Clio which was launched in 1990 has now been an international sensation for three decades. The car has seen numerous evolutions throughout its lifespan but the emotion around the vehicle remains the same. In its latest innovation, Renault is attempting to make electric automobiles accessible to everyone by introducing a hybrid powertrain in Renault Clio’s latest model.

In its latest ad campaign, conceptualised by the agency Publicis, Renault takes us through a stirring journey of a mother and her son while drawing brilliant parallels between her son growing up and Renault Clio’s evolution through the years as a sort of tribute to the iconic car on its 30th Birthday. The ad beautifully captures the nostalgia behind the emotions and stories that come with the car which the brand wants to promote as it enters a new chapter in its life and to parallel this, the ad ends in the same way it began with the son now raising his daughter with the same enthusiasm.

Check it out

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