Ogilvy Introduces Netflix’s Friends In France With Its Pre-Rolled Campaign

21 May, 2021 (Friday)


When Netflix first added the iconic sitcom Friends to the French Netflix, they decided to pursue a different route of campaign which ended up being a hit globally. 

Teaming up with Ogilvy Paris, they produced pre-roll publications of videos that had the highest searches on YouTube.   

When viewers on YouTube would search for beauty tutorials, one that would most often pop up would be Joey’s Japanese Ichiban lipstick. Ogilvy even remixed popular songs like ‘Hotline Bling’ to match with Friends’ iconic scenes. Individuals viewing cat videos would even get suggestions to see Rachel’s hairless cat and those watching dance videos would get the recommendation of Monica and Ross’ iconic duo dance.  

Despite Ogilvy Paris’ statement that they were the first to come up with a pre-roll campaign being false, Ogilvy Paris and Netflix have been commended for their unique take on the pre-rolled campaign that enjoyed worldwide success.