Mastercard Designs Vibes, a Music Festival For the Deaf

30 July, 2020 (Thursday)

To create a unique experience for audiences with hearing impairments, Mastercard along with the agency Adsapience designed an experience that communicated with audiences through their untapped senses. It did so by organising a music festival called Vibes in Kyiv, Ukraine, which acted as a sensor field and invited music translators. Music translation involves experts of sign language expressing the subtleties of music through the use of signs and is a very niche talent.

Around 200 people with hearing impairments attended the experiential festival and indulged in a sensory elation. The event also set up specifically designed equipment where people could feel the music through vibrations. With an innovative idea and the use of modern technology, Mastercard created an eccentric emotional experience for people. Have a look

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