Knorr Talks of The Stories We Keep Inside

22 August, 2020 (Saturday)

The lockdown has been a difficult time for most people, be it in their personal lives or their professional lives. Often, while we swallow our pain and carry on with our personal, our mental health suffers in silence.

To address this critical issue, Knorr Philippines came up with a heartwarming campaign called ‘Kanya Kanya’, which roughly translates to ‘the stories we keep inside’. The ad follows the journey of a family who are facing the worst time amidst the pandemic. The father lost his job, the daughter had a difficult break-up recently, the grandfather misses his wife and the son is constantly bullies on social media. They each have their own coping mechanisms but they still seem to be suffering in silence. The mother realizes this and expresses her love for them through her food and shows them that she’s always there for them and so is the love from Knorr’s delicious food. 

The campaign was created by the agency MullenLowe and rings out how being there for your loved ones is the most important thing during these difficult times. It also does a subtle yet effective job of product placement. Check it out.