Ikea And Pizza Hut Serve Up A Cheesy Campaign

11 June, 2021 (Friday)

Whenever you order Pizzas for takeaways, you must've noticed a particular 3 legged object that stands on top of the pizza a.k.a the pizza-saver, protecting the pizza from meshing with the top of the pizza box. The pizza-saver has intrigued for time immemorial and turns out, it's mesmerized Ikea as well.

In a collaborative campaign with Pizza Hut, Ikea introduced the all-white Säva table which resembles the life-size version of the pizza saver. What's even more interesting is that the tables come in packaging that resembles a pizza box alongside the manual of instructions. Ikea further goes on to explain the instructions to the proper usage of the table by explaining how the individual pieces are unpackaged and then the legs are assembled. Once the table is set up, Pizza Hut should be called and the pizza once received should be placed on the perfectly-sized table.

The campaign also showcased a commercial between the two brands wherein the Pizza Hut delivery-man was seen sleeping inside the Ikea store and suddenly having a eureka moment in a boardroom with others.

Pizza Hut further went on to add a new entrant into their menu by teasing customers to the option of ordering Ikea's famed named Swedish meatballs, the Swedish Meatball Pizza.